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Lignetics® Wood Pellet Fuel is made from the finest raw materials available. Quality control and repetitive testing of their sawdust stock guarantees a clean burning fuel that is consistent from bag to bag. One ton (50ea. 40 pound bags), has the BTU equivalent of 1 1/2 cords (depending on species) of seasoned firewood. Contact our Nursery for more information.

  • No creosote build-up
  • Easy to store waterproof bags
  • No heavy hauling or pests
  • Less ash
  • No bark mess

$6.50/Bag | $309/Ton

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Marketing & Maufacturers Wood Pellets  

New England Wood Pellet is a leading producer and distributor of quality pellet fuels for use in residential, commercial and industrial heating throughout the northeastern United States.

$6.50/Bag | $289/Ton

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Dry Creek Pellets  

Dry Creek Pellets is a family owned company out of New York that has been in business since 1992. Their wood pellets are a by product of sawmills in the lumber industry and are hardwood.

$6.50/Bag | $299/Ton

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Geneva Wood Fuels  

Geneva Wood Fuels is a producer of hardwood pellet fuel for residential and commercial use. Geneva currently produces and markets the Maine’s Choice brand of residential hardwood pellet fuel. Maine's Choice is rapidly becoming one of the most recognized and respected brands of hardwood pellets in the Northeast.

  • contain only 0.5% ash on average
  • produce more than 8,100 Btu/lb.
  • have less than 0.05% fines

$6.00/Bag | $259/Ton

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