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Kiln Dried Firewood
Kiln Dried firewood is cut and split wood which has been dried in a kiln taking out approximately 80%-90% of the moisture content. This process also insures the wood is insect free. Kiln wood must be stored in a dry covered area. Extremely easy to light. 

Seasoned Firewood
Cut and split hard wood, mixtures of oak, birch, beech, and maple. The wood measures in 16 - 18” lengths and is seasoned for approximately 10-12 months. We also carry short lengths of Seasoned Firewood. Average size is 8"- 10". Limited Supply. $349 per cord.

Green Firewood
Cut and split hard wood, mixtures of oak, birch, beech, and maple. The wood measures in 16 - 18” lengths. Take advantage of the savings by purchasing it "Green" and you do the seasoning. Please note: green firewood needs to be seasoned approximately nine months before burning. We also carry NO-BARK Green firewood.
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Wood Brick Fuel:

Wood Brick Fuel


Wood Brick Fuel™ is produced from kiln dried wood waste. It burns hotter, cleaner, and longer than the equivalent amount of firewood without using any additional binders or accelerants. No special burning appliance is required. Wood Brick Fuel™ can be used wherever typical cordwood, firewood is burned. Wood Brick Fuel™ is produced by submitting dry wood waste particles to extreme compression forces, using the natural lignin chemicals of the wood as the binding agent creating a wood product denser than typical wood. It is made from recycled wood waste generated by American wood products manufacturers. Customers can be satisfied in using a domestically manufactured, recycled fuel for home heating that is considered carbon neutral.

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Lignetics Wood Pellets:

Lignetics Wood Pellets


Lignetics® Wood Pellet Fuel is made from the finest raw materials available. Quality control and repetitive testing of their sawdust stock guarantees a clean burning fuel that is consistent from bag to bag. One ton (50ea. 40 pound bags), has the BTU equivalent of 1 1/2 cords (depending on species) of seasoned firewood.

  • No creosote build-up
  • Easy to store waterproof bags
  • No heavy hauling or pests
  • Less ash
  • No bark mess
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Lignetics Pres-to-Logs
Lignetics Pres-to-Logs  

Lignetics manufactured firelogs (Pres-to-Logs) are manufactured like their pellets under the same strict quality control standards using the same premium western conifer sawdust. Pres-to-Logs low moisture content provides you with a hotter, longer burning fire as compared to cordwood or wax logs.

  • No creosote build-up
  • Higher BTU’s per pound and much less ash
  • Less storage space required
  • No bugs or dirt
  • 100% renewable resource
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Northeast Nursery has bagged Anthracite coal available in clean, convenient 50 pound tear resistant poly bags. 

  • Coal is clean, high-quality Anthracite
  • Deep mined from the #1 Williamstown mine
  • Bagged with 20+ years of plant experience
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